Lewis Jones Jr rolled his first 800 series, a 834 series, on the Wed. Wonders League.

The MCBA held a board of directors meeting at Galaxy.

Donnie Philbeck rolled a 300 game on the Monday Cash League.

The MCBA's Annual Meeting Minutes are posted here.

Jelemia Sanders, Mark Rogers, Clifford Rose, Emma Lee Tate and Velma Cruse were inducted
into the MCBA's Hall Of Fame

Ninety bowlers turned out for the 7th Annual Lemetta Dause Memorial Bowling Tournament held at Galaxy Bowling Center.  The tournament raised $12,500 for Hospice Care Plus.   Tyler Morgan and Richard Rogers took 1st and 2nd place for the men.   Narita Rose and Tina Hisle finished 1st and 2nd for the women.

Audrey Davis and Lewis Jones Jr took first place for the women and men in the Annual Christmas Tournament.
Rita Morgan and Richard Rogers placed second.

Daelyn White and Margaret Tilsley took first place for the men and women at the
Annual Turkey Shootout.  Tyler Morgan and Jacqueline Oliphant placed second.

Ryan Carnes rolled a 300 game on the Outcasts League

Lucas Combs rolled a 300 game on the Galaxy Classic League

Read the MCBA Board Of Directors meeting minutes here

Rick Stamper placed first in the annual MCBA's Sr Tournament

Local winners in 2017 Kentucky Senior Games:  Women's Singles 60-64 - Margaret Tilsley -  1st place,
Men's Singles 60-64 - Fred Tilsley - 1st place,  Men's Singles 80-84 - Dean Acker - 1st place,
Mixed Doubles 60-64 - Fred & Margaret Tilsley - 1st place

Coy Cox rolled the first 300 of the new season on the Outcasts League

Dustin Mills rolled an 802 series on the Outcasts League

Click here for the MCBA Board Of DIrectors meeting minutes held on August 6, 2017 at Galaxy

Lucas Combs rolled an 814 series

Todd Young won the 2017 Galaxy Championship Tournament.  Gary Holtzclaw finished in 2nd place

Kenny Kyser rolled an 807 series on the Outcasts League

Neil Haggard, Billy Bales and John Poynter were elected into the MCBA's Hall Of Fame

MCBA & MCWBA merger meeting minutes.  MCBA association president Harvey Poynter started the meeting explaining why we should do the merger of the local associations today instead of waiting and stretching the process over several meetings.  Harvey asked the members present for a vote to take care of the merger process at this meeting.  Margaret Tilsley said she had concerns if we don't follow the merger checklist.  Steve Woltering suggested getting started today and get it done through meetings over the summer.  Harvey said we would go by the merger checklist if we went through the merger process today.  Harvey said we have a transition committee in place and are ready to start the merger process.  Margaret said the MCWBA doesn't have any committees in place and no officers are present at this meeting.  Jenny Norman suggested going through the merger process today and let the absent board members agree or disagree with the decisions made today.  If a board member doesn't agree we can meet again on the merger.  Margaret suggested we do a proposed by-laws for the merged association and give all the board members a chance to go over the new by-laws.  Harvey asked of a vote to continue with the merger process.  Vote passed.  Margaret asked if we would keep the 500/600 tournament and have separate women and men's city tournaments.  Harvey said we should keep the tournaments and continue with the Lemetta Dause Tournament along with the Thanksgiving and Christmas tournaments unless the new board wanted to make changes.  Also said to let new merged association make decisions on how the merged bank account totaling $6,277 will be used.  Harvey said he thought the MCBA spent their money wisely using it for donations and helping youth bowling by donating to school bowling programs.  Also used money for the  MCBA Hall Of Fame.  Beverly Shearer suggested we should have a memorial board and the members agreed.  Harvey said we need to elect officers for the new board.  He asked for nominations for president.  Harvey Poynter was nominated.  No else was nominated so Margaret asked that nominations be closed and Harvey was elected president.  Harvey asked for nominations for vice president.  Fred Tilsley proposed that a woman be elected vice president since a man was elected president so both associations are represented.  Board agreed and voted yes on Fred's proposal. Margaret Tilsley and Narita Rose were nominated.  Margaret won the paper ballot vote.  Lewis Jones Jr was the only nomination for Association Manager and was voted in.  Jenny Norman was the only nomination for Sergeant at arms and was voted in. Members voted to cap the number of board members at 30.  Voted to keep all current board members of both associations on the new board,  also to keep honorary board members from both boards. Need to send letter of intent to the USBC from both associations.  Harvey, using the by-laws form from the USBC, asked what our new association will be named.  The members voted to call the new association Madison County USBC Association also know as Madison County USBC BA and Madison County Bowling Association.  Voted to set the USBC membership dues at $20.  The national dues $10, state dues $2 and local dues $8.  Voted to set the presidents term at 3yrs. Voted on VP term.  Steve Woltering suggested the VP  term be 2 yrs to stagger the terms with the president and then be 3 yrs from then on.  Voted yes on Steve's proposal.  Voted directors be 2 yrs.  Half of the directors be 1 yr to start to stagger the director's terms.  Voted no term limits.  Voted the quorum for a meeting be a simple majority.  Voted amendments to the by-laws need to be giving to the board in written form at least 15 days before the annual meeting with a 2/3 vote needed to pass an amendment.  Voted option 1 on how to conduct board elections.  Voted that members can only vote at meetings in person not by email or other means.  The members set April 21, 2017 as the date the merger proposal will take effect if there are no objections from original board members from the MCBA and MCWBA not present.  If there is an objection then a meeting date will be set to continue with the merger process.  Lane inspections for Galaxy Bowling Center was set for August 6, 2017 at 11:00 AM.  The first meeting of the new association will be held after the lane inspections at around 1:00 to 1:30 PM.  Meeting adjourned.

Harvey Poynter, John McQuarter, Todd Young and Randy Burgess placed 1st in the MCBA's Annual City Tournament Team Event.  Donnie Philbeck and Richard Rogers placed 1st in the Doubles Event.  Coy Cox placed 1st in the Singles Event.  Donnie Philbeck placed 1st in the All Events Handicap and Brandon Simpson took 1st in the All Events Scratch.

Joe Caplinger rolled an 800 series on the Outcast League

Aaron Rose rolled two 300 games this week,  one on the Outcast League and one on the Galaxy Classic League.

Coy Cox rolled a 300 game on the Galaxy Classic League

Updated the yearbook page

Mike Mitchell rolled a 300 game and 800 series on the Galaxy Classic League

The 6th Annual Lemetta Dause Memorial Tournament raised $13,500 for Hospice Care Plus putting the 6 year total to over $34,000.

John Miles rolled a 300 game on the Outcast League

Noah Combs and Richard Rogers rolled 300 games on the Galaxy Classic League

Jason Jones rolled his 2nd 300 of the season on the Outcast League

Dustin Mills rolled a 300 game on the Outcasts League.

Git-R-Done (John Rice, Mark Rogers, David Norman, Brandon Simpson) won the 1st half of the Galaxy Classic League.  Jones Strikes Back (Lewis Jones Sr, Daniel Jones, Debbie Jones, Lewis Jones Jr) won the 1st half of the Wednesday Wonders.  The Who (Novel Davis, Bobby Abrams, Kenny Smith, Andrew Eastway) won the 1st half of the TGIF League.

Silas Ryan Carnes rolled a 300 game on the Outcasts League.

Brandy Hensley rolled an 824 series on the Galaxy Classic League setting a new women's high series.

Jason Jones rolled a 300 game and 833 series on the Outcasts League

Mike Mitchell rolled a 300 game on the Galaxy Classic League

Dan Luszcz rolled a 300 game on the Galaxy Classic League

Johnny Johnson rolled an 809 series on the Outcasts League.

Richard Rogers bowled a 300 game on the Monday Cash League at Galaxy

Bryan Gaines bowled an 800 series and 300 game on the Monday Cash League

Donnie Philbeck won the annual Galaxy Champions Tournament

The MCBA Board Of Directors held their Annual Meeting at Galaxy Bowling Center.
Harvey Poynter called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m.  Harvey presented to the board the year end income and expenses for the association.  Harvey and board next reviewed the member count for Madison County and agreed that membership is slightly up.  So therefore is still strong and growing.  Tom Shultz was given his MCBA Nominee to Hall of Fame plaque and then Tom told his story of how started bowling and his history in bowling.  The board of directors with terms ending at the end of July 2016 were voted on and all members re-elected to another term.  A motion was presented to the board to add Chad Bischof to board by Jenny Norman and the motion carried to Chad to the board.  Harvey reported to the board that he and Ray White (Galaxy Manager) will discuss blackout days for tournaments for the coming year and then report back to the board.  Harvey asked Rick Stamper to put tournament schedule for the up coming year in the Richmond Register, Facebook, & Twitter, as well as, maybe creating flyers early enough to help in attendance and displaying them at Galaxy.  Harvey presented a motion to make Rick Stamper associate secretary in order to help Lewis Jones, Jr. with his duties when he is unable to attend.  The board voted and the motion carried to make Rick Stamper associate secretary.  Harvey next discussed the State Bowling Tournament which will be in Richmond in November and the various issues from State Flyers to hotel accommodations.  David Norman stated it would be better to switch the Lemetta Tournament to January and the City Tournament to March.  August Meeting was set for August 7th with lane inspection at 11am and the meeting at 1pm.

Lynn Estes,  Lewis Jones Jr,  Richard Rogers and Tom Shultz were the 2016 inductees into the M.C.B.A. Hall Of Fame.

Brandon Simpson set a new record high series for the Madison County Bowling Assoc. with scores of 280, 300, 299 totaling an 879 series on the TGIF League

Brandon Simpson rolled an 800 series & 300 game on the Wed. Wonders League

Bobby Abrams rolled his first 300 game and 700 series (702) on the TGIF League

The M.C.B.A. Board Of Directors held the monthly meeting at Galaxy.  Pres. Harvey Poynter reported to the board that the Lemetta Dause Memorial Tournament raised $9,010.  He said it was a great tournament and all out good function, everybody had big hearts.  He said 75 bowlers participated in the tournament and we raised $2,700 from the lane sponsors.  He said there are resources that we haven't tapped into like Fraternities, sororities and corporations.  At this time we had a visit from Julia representing Hospice Care Plus.  The money raised from the L.D. Tournament was handed over to her.  She thanked the association for all there hard work and said was surprised how much money we raised at the tournament.  Pictures of the board members with Julia and a oversized check with the amount raised was taken and is posted on the Photo Page.  The board returned to the meeting and continued the conversation about making next years Lemetta Dause Tournament better than this years tournament trying to fill the whole house.  Gary Kerns reported that Galaxy may not allow tournaments on Saturday anymore because they loose money.  This would affect our city tournament.  Harvey said we would discuss it at a later meeting.  The annual meeting was set for April 16 @ 2:00 PM at Galaxy.

Aaron Rose bowled an 803 series on the Galaxy Classic League.

The 5th Annual Lemetta Dause Memorial Bowling Tournament held at Galaxy
raised $9,010 for Hospice Care Plus.  Over the last 5 years the annual tournament has raised nearly $20,000.  Thanks to all of our lane sponsors and to everyone whose hard work made the tournament a great success.

Discussed the upcoming Lemetta Dause Memorial Tournament.  Look at getting lane sponsors to raise money.  David Norman said possibly use money from lane sponsors to buy items for the silent auction.  Jenny Norman said she would write a letter about sponsorship of the tournament to take when trying to get sponsors.  Association President Harvey Poynter talked about how the tournament stands on its own and with the work of the board members every year everything comes together for the tournament.  The board set a meeting date of Saturday February 27 @ 2:00 PM to get ready for the tournament.  Beverly Shearer said she would check with Ron Roberts about printing lane sponsor signs.  Beverly made a motion for the M.C.B.A. to donate $500 to Hospice Care Plus.  Motion passed.  Harvey told the members about the Masons holding a tournament to raise money to buy bikes for children.  He said it would be a good cause for us to donate money to.  Beverly made a motion to donate $250.  The motion passed.   Beverly asked about getting the entries for the state tournament early so the lane assignments can be put in the computer.  Harvey said there is an entry deadline and we would have the entries before the tournament started.  David said we will be using the new league software for the tournament so we can run brackets from the software.  Rick Stamper reported that the bracket software worked when it was tried using a dummy league.  Beverly said she would check with Quality Inn about being the host hotel and about getting a tournament rate.  Lewis Jones Jr said when we held the 2004 state tournament 3 hotels offered special rates for tournament bowlers.  Beverly said she would check about getting special rates from other hotels.  Harvey said we should look into changing our meeting dates so we won't have to be rushed to get the meeting done before the league starts.  David suggested alternating the monthly meetings.  Have one on Monday and the other on a Saturday or Sunday.

The board started the meeting by going over the City Tournament rules.  Voted to keep the rules as they are.  Also discussed using Galaxy's bracket software for the City Tournament to get an idea of how it might work for the State Tournament.  David Norman said he would get with Lucas Combs to set up a meeting to show how the software works.  Harvey Poynter told the members we need to work on getting donations for the Lemetta Dause Tournament.  Lewis Jones Jr asked about the association's bowling achievement awards for this season.  After a short discussion on whether to continue the awards program the board voted to not give out bowling achievement awards.  Lewis said he had some awards left over and could give a bowler an award if the bowler requested it.  Lewis suggested cutting back the USBC membership fees to $16 since the fee was raised to $20 to cover the awards.   Harvey told the board the state fees would be increased to $2 starting next season.  He suggested leaving the fees at $20.  The extra income can be used for donations to help causes like Hospice Care Plus.  After a short discussion Peanut Johnson made a motion to leave the fees at $20.  Jenny Norman seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Five Madison County bowlers cashed in the KY State Bowling Associations annual state tournament held in Bowling Green.  Richard Rogers finished 25th in singles with a handicapped score of 729 and won $104. Gary Kerns was 29th with a 724 score and won $98. Bobby Abrams was 36th  with a 715 score and won $84.50.  Richard Rogers and Donnie Philbeck finished 6th in doubles with a score of 1447 and won $234. Bobby Abrams and Aaron Goodson finished 26th with a 1373 score and won $107.

Margaret Tilsley and Jenny Norman finished 1st and 2nd for the women, Lewis Jones Jr and Richard Rogers finished 1st and 2nd for the men in the annual Turkey Shootout Tournament.

MCBA Hall Of Famer Dean Acker is the newest member of the KY State Bowling Association Hall Of Fame.  Dean was inducted over the weekend at the state tournament in Bowling Green.

Lucas Combs bowled an 814 series on the Galaxy Classic League including a
298 game.

Local bowlers placed in the KSBA Senior State Tournament held in Richmond on October 10 and 11 at Galaxy Bowling Center.  The tournament has 6 divisions based on age.  Richard Rogers won the Class E division by bowling the top score in the tournament.  Michael McFerron placed 3rd in the division.  Lewis Jones Sr won the Super Senior division.  Charlie Glodt placed second in the Class C division and Don Johnson placed 5th in the Class B division.

Mark Rogers rolled a 300 game on the Wednesday Wonders League.

Richard Rogers is the champion of the 2015 Madison County Bowling Association's Annual Senior Tournament.

Brandon Simpson roll an 857 series including 299 and 300 games on the TGIF League

Five members of the M.C.B.A. competed in the Bluegrass State Games in Lexington.
Bobby Abrams, Dean Acker, Carl Daniels, Lewis Jones Jr and Lewis Jones Sr all won medals at the games in the bowling event.

Lewis Jones Jr rolled a 299 game on the Monday Cash League.

Brandon Simpson wins the Galaxy Championship Tournament

Brandon Simpson shot a 300 game on the Galaxy Classic League

Brandon Simpson rolled a 300 game on the Classic Doubles League.

The 4th Annual Lemetta Dause Memorial Tournament was a great success.
One Hundred Nine bowlers took to the lanes Sunday at Galaxy Bowling Center.  The tournament including donations, 50/50 pot, raffle and silent auction raised $5,543.50 for Hospice Care Plus.  Lynn Estes and Jason Williams tied for first for the men and Miranda Reffett placed first for the women.

Association President Harvey Poynter reported on the City Tournament.  He said we were short $105 and need to resolve the shortage.  After a discussion the members voted to pay the shortage from the association account since it wasn't anyones fault and that we need to figure out a better way to collect the entry fees for the tournaments.  David Norman suggested giving a ticket for each event paid for and the bowler turning in a ticket for the event they want to bowl.  Harvey said we would try something different for the Dause Tournament. We will give a recap sheet to each lane and then collect the money for the number of bowlers on the recap sheet.  He also suggested having two people with the money at all times.  He asked Steve Woltering and Lewis Jones to take care of the money.  He thanked the directors who helped with City Tournament.  Said we had a good payout and read the winners and payouts.  Harvey said he hasn't heard much on the donations for the Lemetta Dause Tournament.  Directors reported on the donations they have collected.  Mark Rogers suggested using minimum bids for the action items.  Directors agreed to meet Saturday at 11:00 AM to get the donations together.  Harvey suggested mailing out enty forms to the bowlers who bowled in the last Sr State Tournament we hosted.  Asked Lewis about the bracket software the board voted to purchase.  Lewis suggested David Norman and Mark Rogers choose the software since they will be the ones using it at the tournaments.  David said he would take care of it.  Harvey asked about the 300/800 boards.  Rick Stamper reported he bought the 800 board and donated it to the association.  The new 300 board will cost $359 to update all 78 300 games bowled and 20 plates for the 800 board costing $3.50 per plate.   The board voted to pay for the updated boards.   Also talked about where to place the boards at Galaxy.

Kenny Smith rolled his first 700 series a 704 on the TGIF League.

Aaron Rose rolled an 811 series on the Galaxy Classic League.

Jacob Osborne rolled an 822 Series on the TGIF League.

The MCBA Board Of Directors met on February 2 at Galaxy Bowling Center.  Thirteen members attended the meeting.  Association President Harvey Poynter reported that an amendment concerning the merger of USBC men and women's associations will be voted on at the USBC annual national meeting.  Also Gary Kerns was appointed the the state youth committee.  Teddy Gregg the VP of our state zone will be the next president of the KSBA.  Julia Landreth resigned as a MCBA director.  Bobby Abrams and Fred Tilsley were elected to the MCBA Board Of Directors.  Harvey asked for a volunteer to take care of the 300 and 800 boards.  Mark Rogers and Rick Stamper said they would update the 300/800 plaques.  The board voted to purchase bracket software.  Lewis Jones Jr was appointed to purchase the software.  Harvey reminded the members of the upcoming City Tournament and that we will need help running the tournament.  He also talked about the Lemetta Dause Memorial Tournament taking place March 8.  How much Hospice Care Plus does for the people who need them and that we need to get the word out for our tournament.  Mark Rogers said Galaxy will be donating a bowling ball for us to raise money for the tournament.  Fred said he would give a prayer before the start of the tournament and the National Anthem will be played.  Discussed if youth bowlers bowling in the tournament would affect their high school or college eligibility.  Harvey said he would check with the USBC.  Fred Tilsley reported that winning prizes would not affect their eligibility.  The high school regional will take place in Richmond.  The MCBA's Annual Meeting will take place after the Lemetta Dause Tournament on March 8.  

Ron Roberts rolled his second 300 game of the season on the
Classic Doubles League.

Brandon Simpson rolled an 803 series on the Wednesday Wonders League.

Ron Roberts rolled a 300 game on the Galaxy Classic League.

Sue Hegelmeyer and Pam Bennett placed 1st and 2nd for the women and Lewis Jones Jr and Terry Jackson placed 1st and 2nd for the men at the
Annual Christmas Tournament.  Forty bowlers bowled in the annual event.

Brandon Simpson rolled a 300 game on the TGIF League.

Jenny Norman and Vickie Anderson placed 1st and 2nd for the women and Lewis Jones Jr and Mike Riley placed 1st and 2nd for the men at the
9th Annual Turkey Shootout

Brandon Simpson bowled an 825 series including a 300 game on the Wednesday Wonders League.  The 825 series sets a new high for the Madison County Bowling Association.

The Madison County Bowling Association will host the Kentucky State Senior Handicap Bowling Tournament next year at Galaxy Bowling Center.

James Noe is inducted into the KY State Bowling Association's Hall Of Fame.

Mark Rogers bowled a 300 game on the Galaxy Classic League.

The MCBA Board Of Directors met at Galaxy Bowling Center.  The date and time for the 9th Annual Turkey Shootout was set for November 16 at 2:00 PM.  Discussed bowler's achievement awards.  Will look into buying a bulliten board to post achievements on instead of giving out awards.  Also check on giving award certificates for bowling achievements.  Let Beverly Shearer collect the 50/50 pot money on Oct 6 to help cover costs for the Women's State Tournament.

Brandon Simpson rolled a 300 game on the Wednesday Wonders League.

Brandon Simpson rolled a 300 game and 800 series on the Galaxy Classic League.

Bill Schutters captured the title in the MCBA seniors tournament on Sunday with a handicapped score of 687 for three games. The win earned him a paid entry for the state seniors tournament in Somerset this weekend.  Second place went to Dean Acker with a handicapped total of 672 and third place to Lewis Jones Sr. with a 653 score.

The MCBA met at Galaxy Bowling Center on Monday September 8.  Ten members were present for the meeting.  The board discussed an USBC awards program for our association.  David Norman will check on getting the awards made locally.  The USBC no longer provide achievement awards to league bowlers.  Dean Acker will run our local Senior Tournament.  The entry fee is $15 with the winner of the tournament getting a paid entry into the KY State Senior Tournament.  The tournament is set for September 28 at 2:00 PM.  The tournament is open to bowler 50 and over.  Harvey Poynter reported to the board that James Noe was elected into the KY State Hall Of Fame.  He also reported that Pete Atkinson is the new KY State Bowling Assoc. association manager.  Harvey let the members know of some of the topics discussed at the annual state jamboree.  He said that there is more pros than cons when it comes to being members of the USBC.  Legal representation and bonding being the most important.

Local bowlers medal at the Bluegrass State Games.  Dean Acker won gold medal in the over 55 handicapped singles.  Dean Acker and Carl Daniels won silver in the over 55 handicapped event.  Lewis Jones Sr and Lewis Jones Jr won gold in the
20-54 open doubles event.  Lewis Sr won silver in the 55 and over open event and Lewis Jr won silver in the 20-54 open singles event.  Randy Burgess won silver in the 20-54 handicapped singles and Randy and Narita Rose took silver in the 20-54 handicapped doubles event. Bobby Abrams made the medal round but just missed medals in the two events he bowled.

Brandon Simpson rolll a 300 game on the Monday Cash League.

The Madison County Bowling Association inducted five new members into the MCBA Hall Of Fame:  Harvey Poynter, Glenn Masters, Fred Tilsley, Al McKnight and Michael Weaver.

Gary Cromer rolled a 300 game on the TGIF League.

View the new Hall Of Fame Page here

Brandon Simpson bowled an 810 Series on the TGIF League.   This is Brandon's second 800 series bowled at Galaxy Bowling Center

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